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Our Innovation Makers

Marian Vulpe

"From Cluj Napoca with love"

The idea to moving out of Bucharest was not quite new but the match between Altran ICT team and my feelings toward the Cluj-Napoca city was decisive. And I have yet to regret a single thing about this decision. Altran ICT team proved to be a really powerful and very supportive team for which “change”, “adaptive” and “development” are way more than just cool sounding words. From the very beginning and until the next 12-18 months (at least) our work has been a constant planning and rolling-out of new projects and I haven’t known any ICT guy that does not love new projects. 

At the same time Cluj Napoca area came along with: kinder and happier people, cleaner air, very outdoor friendly, a different kind of lifestyle and, at least until now, a lot more spare time. By cutting the traffic from Bucharest I had easily gained more than 1 hour, daily. Do the math and you will get a very happy picture. And I can promise that I did not wasted that time :).

Carmen Teodorescu

"Professional with no boundaries"

My life changed (again) with Altran and I had the chance to change the world by being part in projects that really make the difference ultimately in everyday life of everybody. I’ve learned here more accurate that little things really make the big things (or vice-versa) and how to synchronize with people, actions and results to make a whole big picture/product. All these (and a lot more) in a space that facilitates the professional, personal and social improvements of everybody involved, with no country boundaries.

Bogdan Ditu

"A rewarding open-minded work environment"

Altran is my first job and after my stay here for close to 2 years, I am very glad to say that I am happy to be a part of this great collective. Altran made me grow in  the technical department  through exposure to people with extensive knowledge  and experience and on a personal level being always challenged to better myself as professional and as a person. The main characteristic of Altran is open-mindedness, questions are answered, new ideas are embraced, ambition is rewarded and people matter.

Tim Lagerburg

"Growing and learning with daily challenges"

I see working at Altran as a daily challenge in what I can choose my challenge every day again. I get to develop myself in subjects that are interesting to me and get to look into different aspects of software developing. I started at Altran as a graduation intern. I developed an Android application to support one of our showcase products. I graduated and have returned to continue my career in what I hope to learn a lot – on both technology and personal aspects!

Mugurel Tcaciuc

"Work is my inspiring playground"

I have been working in the Altran's Model Driven Engineering (MDE) team for about a year now. I found here a great team and a perfect environment for the creativity's development. It is very challenging to develop tools which automatically generate software code based on models. What I appreciate the most is the diversity of tasks and technologies. That's why the office became my inspiring playground.

Beatrix Oroszlan

"Learning with and from talented people"

I have been with Altran since 2013. The main reasons why I enjoy working here are that I get to work with so many motivating and talented people and I get to work on interesting and challenging applications. For example, I am currently working on a large scale desktop application which helps me gain more knowledge about how these systems work and brings new challenges at each new functionality development. Being the junior developer of the team my ideas also get taken into consideration and I take part in the debate for how new features should be implemented.