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Aerospace and Defence

What if performance piloted your future?

Innovators in Aerospace and Defence

The impact of climate change, terrorist threats and disruptive market entries forces the ASD industry to adapt faster than ever before. Whether it concerns developing aircrafts that are cleaner and more quiet, communication satellites, earth observation systems or high tech safeguards, innovation is the only constant in a rapidly evolving market.

The key to accelerate innovation is worldwide co-creation With our local teams in Europe, the UAE and India we create synergies, develop a high level of expertise and integrate end-to-end solutions throughout the value chain. For over 30 years we have worked together with all key players, providing cutting-edge technological solutions and enabling our partners to outperform in their market.

Very well aware of the trends and future growth potential in the Aeronautics sector, Altran prompted new partnerships and alliances, working with our main clients to develop tangible innovative solutions, all the while sharing their risks.



Altran in Aerospace and Defence