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Project references

Did you know that Altran Romania provides for Technical Assistance to the group PSA?

What did the project involve?

Altran Romania has built a dedicated support team to provide Technical Assistance to the group PSA. The team offers technical and language resources for the eastern Europe and Australia, supports the local dealers of the supplier and performs continuous monitoring of diagnose software and tools.

What solution was implemented?

Altran Romania has developed training programs for engineers to become part of the technical assistance group of the client. Coverage for: Mechanical; Electronics; Software compatibility and tool conformance; Car software maintenance; Overall automotive and vehicle understanding.

Altran Romania keeps on offering a continuous monitoring of tools and issuing error report, covering 14+ European languages.

What are the partner's benefits?

  • A cost effective delivery model 
  • Dedicated and certified 1st and 2nd  level support department
  • Standards and delivering based on KPI’s approved by the client
  • Knowledge capture is secured and distributed inside the team
  • Quality level of the services for the global dealers of our customer stays high