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Financial Services

We enable financial services to recapture sustainable growth, transform information and business technology.

After years of strong growth that prompted the transformation and diversification of the services and activities of financial institutions, the recession has forced sector players to re-think their business models putting greater focus on tangible performance indicators and paying more attention to regulations and risk.

These trends are set against a wider background of technological change geared to optimise communication, interactivity and performance. Think of Customer Experience, Mobile Payment/NFC, Financial IT Security, Digital transformation and Big Data. These developments are of utmost importance at all levels of the financial sector since they will enable financial institutions to fine-tune their strategies, enhance their services and thus set themselves apart from their competitors.

Altran offers expertise in Project Management, Banking and Technology. Our approach combine business knowledge and technical expertise to ensure you get the best support, tailored services and delivery.

Altran in Financial Services