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Life Sciences

Life, Science, Health: no compromise.

The rapid emergence of generic drugs on the market is pushing the major players in the pharmaceuticals sector to adapt their business models. At the same time, companies in the medical equipment sector are becoming increasingly more successful in meeting mass and remote health-care needs. 

Altran, as a major technological innovator in these sectors, addresses the key challenges facing the industry and delivers engineering, IT and consulting services and solutions across the entire healthcare value chain.

Complex and capital intensive

R&D and manufacturing of innovative medical products are highly complex and very capital intensive. Pharmaceuticals, biotechnological and medical device companies perform on competitive, fast-moving global markets that are subject to increasingly stricter legislation and heavier pressure on prices.

Altran offers adapted strategic, operational and technological solutions to support companies in all stages of the medical-product life cycle. Altran also provides tailored, innovative services to support the optimisation of Healthcare Delivery Systems in the context of social, demographic, economic and technological change.