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Project references

Did you know that Altran Romania developed, tested & delivered a software for one of the biggest player within the lithographic industry?


What did the project involve?

For more than five years we are working with Altran Netherlands to develop, test & deliver software for one of the biggest player within the lithographic industry. We are working in multiple aspects of the machine development, from embedded up to model driven development.

Our engineers are experienced in the broad range of technologies that are used, from C/C++ up to python and model driven development tooling.


What solution was implemented?

Based on the needs of the client, we are either working with a front office/ back office construction or with agile teams.  We were able to develop training plans and build a dedicated team capable of increasing and capturing key customer competence based on very specific domain knowledge. We have reached a level where our architects contribute with dedicated customer solutions answering to the continuous need of resources and efficient software development process. Some of the tools and interfaces embedded in the product are completely designed and developed by our team.


What are the partner's benefits?

·         A capable supplier who has ownership on customer software and knowledge and contributes to the road map ahead on a very challenging market. 

·         Ensure time to market delivery for very complex products.

·         Have another reliable option to share responsibility on tight deadlines and take over high workload in all stages of the product development.

Did you know that the coffee is smarter thanks to Altran Romania?


What did the project involve?

We are cooperating with Altran Italy to develop & integrate the new human management interface for a new coffee machine for our client. Customer needs a stable solution and upgrade to software ready for market. Prototyping and testing also needed in the process, with ambitious delivery deadline.  


What solution was implemented?

Based on the specification and a prototype of the hardware, we are developing the HMI, implementing the LIN protocol for the communication with the ECU and perform the testing of the ECU together with the HMI.


What are the partner's benefits?

·         Extended team with the relevant resources. Their key engineers can focus on other work packages in the portfolio.

·         Predictability on delivery date and budget for a new version of their product.

·         Additional talented team who contributes with technical improvements to their solution.